Enfield Saheli

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Empowering women to make informed choices

Services of Enfield Saheli

Drop-in  Every Friday

10am-3.30 pm

Our Drop-In is a friendly and informal place to come and find out about a range of services. Aim is to provide a safe, relaxed and non-stigmatising place for women who are experiencing or who have experienced mental health problems, and their careers. Staff and volunteers are always on hand to offer the  support.


Exercise, Meditation, Arts & crafts, walk clubs and Intergenerational Computer classes

Awareness Workshop/Seminar

Held once every month within the drop-in on important issues such as:

Mental Health, employment, education, health, crime and well being.

Luncheon Club:

Healthy Meals are provided

Outreach Service

Our Outreach service supports BME women with mild to moderate mental health concerns who are unable to access our drop in. The overall aim is to help women adapt to ordinary life integrating within the community by developing coping skills, improving self esteem and their quality of life to prevent inappropriate admissions to hospital.

This will entail working within the client’s home, outside in the local area, on the wards of the local hospital, and in

community or day centres.

Confidential Counselling Service

We offer a  linguistic and culturally

appropriate counselling service to women by a qualified professional. The service offers an assessment followed by six individual sessions. Referrals can be made through the outreach, advocacy or drop in


Emotional Wellbeing Project

Do you find yourself struggling with life at the moment?

Would it help to talk to someone?

Do you need practical help with finances, welfare benefits, housing or impartial advice?

Would you like to meet others?

Our Emotional wellbeing service

provides advocacy, advice and support to Black Ethnic Minority (BME) women.  We can help women that are isolated or going through emotional distress.

For further information or need an  appointment, then please contact us