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Empowering Women Workshop


2021 Enfield Saheli Wellbeing Support Service

The Health & Wellbeing Support Service is open to all women and provides an opportunity to connect with other womenand try out different techniques that focus on wellbeing.

We run a wide variety of educational courses around a range of psychological and emotional difficulties.
We aim tosupport people feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible, so no-one will be asked to do anything that they do notwish.

Each workshop we will tell you what it intends to cover and is part presentation and closed group interaction

Please email info@enfieldsaheli.org your name ,email and mobile number, and the word ‘Wellbeing’ in the subject Header, NO LATER THAN December 31st 2020 . We will then send you details for each session as and when they are due to be run.

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