Empowering women to make informed choices
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What We Do

Enfield Saheli is a place that welcomes every woman whether she is in crisis or entering a new phase of her life or wants to develop her dreams. With our philosophy of providing non-judgemental support and accurate information to empower women to make informed choices, we offer a range of services rooted down and customised for utmost growth and benefit for women.

The health services local general practitioners (GPs), Community Support and Recovery Teams (CCG and the CSR Teams) are working together with us to provide community services. We are also working alongside these agencies in line with their long-term strategic aims. We provide crucial community service to the ethnic minority groups in the most deprived areas of Enfield such as Edmonton and to some of the hardest to reach.

To improve the Wellbeing of women, we are working with the partners to deliver mental health Support Service and provide help in the following ways:

  • Mental Health Support Service
  • Domestic Abuse Advocacy Service including DV support group- Evidence based assessment, treatment and support. Strong focus on service quality, recovery and outcomes delivered through effective partnership.
  • Counselling Service- Help in early diagnosis and intervention through counselling.
  • Information & Advice
  • Well-being Support / Focus Groups
  • Therapeutic services and support by workshops and seminars- Awareness and Educational workshops e.g. Stroke, Blood Pressure, Heart Foundation, Keeping Warm, Diabetes; Stroke; Social Services, Forced Marriages, Female Genital Mutilation, Welfare Benefits, Keeping Safe, Eating Healthy, etc; Arts & Crafts, Sewing Classes, IT Classes, Cultural and festive celebrations.
  • Yoga Classes / Physical Activities
  • Luncheon Club
  • Community Mentoring
  • Volunteering – supporting women in finding paid work through volunteering for Saheli
  • Social Events and Outings
  • Community Events – participation with other community groups

Our services reflect our commitment to holistic approach to the healing of mind, body and spirit. We aim to empower women by offering them choices in their therapeutic activities, encouraging each woman to be self-nurturing, active and creative participant in her recovering and healing process.

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